What is Ferrate?

Ferrate is an iron atom with six positive charges (six valences) denoted by a Fe6+ or Fe(VI) symbol. It is among the most powerful, yet environmentally friendly water treatment chemicals known so far. A by-product of ferrate treatment is the non-toxic Fe(III) or ferric oxide (rust). Fe (III) can be found in the human body and in all higher level plants and animals. Moreover, doctors often prescribe iron to treat anaemia.
Even bread and other cereal products are frequently “improved” or enriched with iron.
The ferrate oxidant produced by IMSYS Kft. is provided in the desired quantity in kg-based packaging, delivered in polypropylene containers, in a freshly manufactured, anhydrous, refrigerated form.

The use of Ferrate as a product

An important issue today is how to remove pollutants discharged into the environment. A significant proportion of pollutants are produced by day-to-day industrial operations, thus emitted into the environment in large quantities. Ferrate (the +6 oxidation state of iron) is an extremely strong oxidant, not occurring naturally but which can be produced artificially under strong oxidizing conditions. In terms of technology, an additional opportunity for water treatment arises because the iron hydroxide precipitate formed during oxidation can surface bind additional pollutants. The latter can be removed by filtering the precipitate.
Due to its strong oxidizing effect, ferrate is recommended for treatment or pre-treatment of chemical and pharmaceutical wastewater and technological water. During the pre-treatment of heavily polluted waters, pollution is reduced to a level suitable for bacterial treatment. It generates by-products already acceptable as carbon sources for bacteria and microorganisms from artificially produced molecules (e.g. drug residues), thereby continuing effective water treatment. Furthermore, it can be suitable for reducing the concentration of certain parameters (e.g. COD, BOD) of municipal wastewater, facilitating the disposal of wastewater into public sewers. Ferrate is suitable for disinfecting water, killing ~99% of bacteria, other microorganisms and viruses. It may also be used for removing chlorine-resistant bacteria in wastewater treatment. Following in-situ on-site treatment of contaminated groundwater during remediation procedures, the product can facilitate a suitable treatment procedure following appropriate field tests.